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The SEO Tactics & Hacks I Used to Increase Organic Traffic by 373% in 6 weeks

In this tell-all live event, Ben Twichell shares his techniques for how he improved SEO traffic to by more than 3.5 times in just 6 weeks, and converted that traffic into $50,000+ ARR. Ben reveals how he ranked 30+ competitive keywords on the first page of Google. The tactics in the event can be applied to currently live websites and content, not requiring any new writing, or become the strategy for new content production.


- The ranking factors you should and shouldn't...

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Case Study 2016: When Content Marketing Meets SEO

Discover how to combine smart content marketing with rock solid SEO to Google proof your website.

Join David Jenyns as he dives into a real world case study and learn techniques you can apply to your own online marketing efforts. This presentation will focus on the step-by-step application of a process to develop, optimise and syndicate content. It’s suitable for business owners and digital agencies looking for a smarter SEO strategy that will stand the test of time.

Here are a few of the...

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Find 'em and Fill 'em: Using SEMrush for Topic Gap Analysis

One of the fastest growing areas of SEO and content strategy is comprehensive, holistic topic coverage for blogs and websites. Google’s Hummingbird filter has changed how content is ranked. Keywords don’t matter anymore. It's all about semantic search. Leveraging semantic associations throughout your site can boost your rankings (a lot!)

Problems occur when website and blog content become too broad and diverge from overarching themes. There are very few products outside enterprise...

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Step-by-Step: Guide zur SEO-OnPage Optimierung Ihrer Website

Aus dieser Präsentation bekommen Sie einen umfassenden Überblick über die relevanten Punkte der SEO-OnPage Optimierung und wie Sie diese schrittweise für Ihr Website-Projekt umsetzen:

- Kurzer Überblick über die Teilbereiche der Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO)

- Wie funktionieren Suchmaschinen und worauf legen sie wert? (Spider, Crawler & Co.)

- Keyword-Auswahl, die richtigen Keywords finden, Meta-Elemente, Meta-Tags richtig setzen (Bilder, Video, Links, Buttons, Grafiken)

- Wie vermeide...

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SEMrush presents Mobile & Local SEO for 2016 & Beyond

We’ve been told Google penalizes for non-responsive websites, but how much?  What about the difference of responsive vs. adaptive websites? How exactly do the search engines affect your site search results? What about Google Analytics dashboards and reporting specifically for mobile and tablet? And what about other mobile apps and their impact on SEO?

Jake Aull joins SEMrush for another informative webinar, wherein we explore several trends and inform you about updates you need to be...

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The Google Penalty Survival Guide

If the first things that come to mind when you think of Panda and Penguin aren’t two cute animals, then you’re on the right page! We’ve got your back. On Monday, June 15, six awesome SEO experts will share their experiences, thoughts and, most importantly, actionable tips on how to survive in the Google Zoo and stay in Google’s good graces. So save the date!

Monday’s session will feature an interactive session with these experts, and we’ve arranged a week of educational webinars...

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Hacking SEO: How To Double Rankings in 90 Days

Clayton Wood joins SEMrush for a 5 step hacking roadmap explained in an actionable workshop style webinar. These are actionable things you can change to increase your traffic and rankings now.

1. Using, gather all the rankings you’ve got to determine the baseline of your rankings.

2. Learn to use Google’s secret communication portal they reward you for using.

3. Steal the traffic from the major competition in your space.

4. Use the roadmap in Google Webmaster Tools.

5. Scale...

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Masterclass: Google Analytics for SEO

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for online marketing specialists. Google Analytics works for both business owners, who only scratch the surface of the tool, and for data-driven marketers, who are willing to dig as deep as the tool allows them.

Discover how to use Google Analytics to measure and supercharge your SEO efforts! This live webinar will specifically examine:

- Google Analytics reports and settings that have a great impact on daily SEOs tasks

- Reasons to link Google...

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Voice Search: A Discussion on its Growth and Evolution with SEM and SEO Experts

A look at how voice search is evolving and shaping digital marketing horizons with three industry experts: Will Critchlow, Chris Marentis, and Neil Walker.

03:57 - What are your thoughts on the current state of voice search from your experience? Where do you see it heading?

10:25 - What interesting changes will the growth in voice search bring to the way people interact with search engines? 

28:40 - How will search engines evolve to account for the increase in voice searches?

34:21 - What...

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Inbound Marketing: The New SEO Lifecycle

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result. But that is what many SEOs are doing day in and day out. Are you still chasing links for SEO? Are you doing “content marketing” and “social media marketing” so you can be “white hat,” but still not getting results? Have you tried infographics, guest blog posts, and a podcast, but your Google Analytics traffic report is still flat lined?

Let Nicole Munoz, nationally-known SEO consultant,...

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